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I’m an artist, designer, and cartoonist, with over a couple of decades of experience. Over the course of my career I’ve worked with design agencies, publishers, and individual clients, on a wide variety of work, including icons and information graphics, layout and presentations, as well as illustrations, photo retouching, and more. I also art-directed a monthly arts and culture publication, as well as writing and illustrating various pieces within.

In comics, I might be best known  for the long-running and well-acclaimed webcomic Dicebox, as well as coloring work for a number of cartoonists, such as Carla Speed McNeil, Dylan Meconis, Dan Schkade and Hope Larson

I’ve also illustrated, designed, and even art-directed a number of books, including a few role-playing game manuals.

Though I grew up in New Jersey, I’ve lived all of this century (so far) in Portland, Oregon, with my spouse, Kip Manley, and a number of assorted cats. We were joined by our daughter, Taran, and so continue on, cats and all.