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Dicebox Page or Panel as a Print

Dicebox Page or Panel as a Print

from 12.00

Have a favorite page of Dicebox? Maybe just a particular panel?

Well now you can buy a lovely archival print of it! Plus you have the option to eliminate the word balloons in your print if you so desire. Just use the online Dicebox Table of Comics to browse for the page or panels you want a print of anything from Book 1 or Book 2. 

Choose from three possible sizes: 8"x10", 11" x 14" or 13" x 19" in either horizontal or vertical orientation. (In metric terms: 20cm x 25cm, 28cm x 35.5cm, 33cm x 48.25cm)

After you chose the size you want, when you click the "Add to Cart" button you will be able to specify the page/panel you want and whether or not you want the word balloons on your print.

If you want some other size up to 13" x19", select an option that will accommodates that size and let me know the dimensions in the field where you specify the page/panel art print you are buying. 


8" x 10": $12.00 USD
11" x 14": $20.00 USD
13" x 19": $30.00 USD


USA: $3.00 USD
Everywhere else: $4.00 USD

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