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As to where have those Dicebox pages been…

First, are new Dicebox pages to see:  this page and this page which make this two page spread are now available for public viewing! (Otherwise known as pages 6 and 7 of "Hell.")

I had posted this two page spread in a locked post in my Patreon around the winter solstice of 2017. Why in a locked post? Well, if you take a look at the pages in question, there are a lot of design elements needed for these pages. Way over 100 which, granted, I stripped in rather than draw each instance. And beyond needing to take a break from the placing of art, there where some elements yet to have been designed. Still are, but I now have the significant ones done and in place like this one here:


As my patrons at Patreon have often seen pages in progress and I really wanted to move on with the story, created a locked post at Patreon and began the next pages. I knew there would take at least two more pages in locked Patreon posts before I felt ready to share pages 6 and 7. I didn’t think it’d take SEVEN pages and yet here we are.*

I had gotten a few inquiries recently about the lack of Dicebox pages at and some noted the locked Patreon posts. I kept thinking I should make a note here and explain, but then I kept deluding myself that I’d get those last three pieces of art designed over the next few days and  explain when I posted this two page spread. We all now know how well that worked out.

In no way was this a ploy to get people to subscribe to my Patreon. In fact, it was that whole Patreon fee charging policy change kerfuffle back in December of 2017 that first knocked me off course Dicebox wise. Beyond being too agitated to truly focus on work, there was time spent researching alternatives and setting up a fully functional mailing list. Beyond my new MailChimp newsletter, I set up a Ko-fi account for those who wanted to donate but were done with Patreon.


The good out of all this is there will be several weeks regular, uninterrupted pages updates at starting this Tuesday. And I really can’t see why that regular schedule shouldn’t continue until the end of Dicebox Book 2 : Chase


 *January was a crazy work and life wise then February was recovery and then snow and sickness delays. What I’m saying is that there should have been at least three more pages of Dicebox by now.

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