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New Store! With t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc. plus free shipping ‘til Thursday!

Wherein I discover how flippin’ fun it is to design with magpies. (Art derived from this Dicebox page.)

So I finally found a POD service with a decent price break, good quality production, and a fine selection of products, including kid shirts! I’ve been working on this site for a few months now, gradually adding designs to products. And since Artist Shops by Threadless have announced a free shipping promotion this week, it's a perfect week to launch the shop!

The free shipping is good on purchases of $45 or more ($75 or more outside of the US) which is an even better deal if you want a selection of different products. (Certain types of products are made offsite, and so might entail additional shipping costs outside the promo.)

In the shop you’ll find some golden oldies by me: the Poppy, the Holy Artichoke and the Greenman. Though never on this selection of items. Plus the Greenman has been reworked and enlarged!

There are new designs too—most notably a new City of Roses line based on the house sigils I made for Kip Manley’s long-running and fantastic webserial. Here you can see author and daughter model two of the designs on shirts we ordered as tests a few months back (and have since washed a number of times!).


There’s also something new at the old store! (That is, the store that sells the things I produce and fulfill myself.) Well, something new from something old.

To celebrate this–and the newly redesigned—it ships for free! In fact everything at the Jenn Manley Lee Shop does for the next week! Anywhere! And no minimum order.

And I think that’s all the new things I have to talk about! At least until I get the next Dicebox page up in a day or two.

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