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Yep, it's been awhile, more than a little dusty here at the ol' process journal. But, as I am finally embarking on my revisions and edits of Book 1 of Dicebox as well as doing exploration and ramping up for Book 2, don't be surprised to see more entries here. Today I alloted a goodly portion of the day to fine tuning and rewriting Part 9: "Out of a Molehill," which necessitated me to begin my serious review of what has gone before. So I created the Scrivener database for Book 1, a snapshot of which is below:

(Click here or image above for a full-size view)

I've known of Scrivener for a few years now and have dabbled with it now and again. But in the past year I have embraced this program in all its flexibility, workflow capabilities and wonders of organization. I won't detail them here, you can go to the Literature & Latte site for that. A nice thorough run down of features and workflow possibilities can be found on the video tutorial page, "An Introduction to Scrivener " to start.

What's particularly useful for me in this part of the process is the easy ability to include image and text files in the same project, work with a split screen, not to mention reference links for any section or individual file. And the ability to make, organize and color code parts as lists.

Lists are my mantra, my rosary and guide for projects as small as household chores for a week to something as big and complex as this. They are my anchor and comfort, preventing me from getting lost in a overwhelming sea of to-dos. And being able to change the status of an item or cross it off is one of my thrills in my day-to-day life. (Yes, I'm quite aware what this says about me.)

That's about all I have to say on the matter today, though I might very well share more Scrivener screen shot and process here in the future.