Jenn Manley Lee


Probably not worth the wait, but what the heck.

Okay, near a month later, here's the follow-up/continuation to the last post in this journal. Which I promised, um, well, a month ago.

All right lead up to the purpose(?) of this drawing was to explain how I always learn something about my characters and story from the fill-ins folks do for me and that what I learned from Patrick's was that I just don't push the metaphor's far enough. And so I was redesigning Molly and Griffen to reflect the elemental nature of each book and as the next book was water, well, then they should have forms appropriate to that element. And so, as the next book was the Book of Water:

Hey, this was to be an April Fool goof off post, not the height of wit. Also a chance to take cheap shots at my characters.

The punchline to all this (such as it is) will be up in the next couple of days,