Jenn Manley Lee


Music to think by

Like all good geeks, I have made a mix tape soundtrack for my story. You know, the Dicebox thing I do. I've actually made three so far and will end up with five or so by the time I'm done.

The first mix I made back in 2003 and named it "Under and Overture." It's a quick musical mood overview of the whole of Dicebox; the next four mixes are done for each Book of the story. Here are the cover and playlist I made for the CD I made for friends:

It begins and ends with songs from two albums I listened to exhaustively in college and I can can point to as early influences for Dicebox: Jane Siberry's the Speckless Sky and Tom Waits' Rain Dogs. Actually the entire albums are good mood music for Dicebox, supplemental soundtracks in a way. This is also true for Poe's Haunted and Michelle Shocked's Captain Swing.

The origin of the soundtracks are the collection of songs I've long paced to with headphones on while thinking about the story of Dicebox. They either create the right mood for a passage or spark imagery for me. I gradually made note of those I felt really spoke to the story and arranged them in suitable order.

Now, the reason I'm sharing this with you now is that I've been recently been made aware of the website Muxtape (thanks Dylan!) that allows one to share a selection of songs (their mix tape) with the internet. And that's what I've done with my Under and Overture, broken into two parts* by necessity:

Under and Overture, side A Under and Overture, side B

I'll leave this mix in place for a couple of months and then switch it out with the soundtrack for Book 1 : Wander. Enjoy.

* and two accounts, mine and Kip's by use agreement.