Jenn Manley Lee


The well dressed comic

Alas, poor Dicebox Process Journal. How I've neglected you, much to my regret and against my will. And this is just a prelude to a hope to return to it on a more regular basis. As folks have been loving the t-shirts of the latest scene of Dicebox, I thought I'd show the designs at a larger size and show their inspiration and source.

First, the Holy Artichoke on Mare's shirt:

I'm not sure exactly what inspired this idea, I imagine it's partly due to Artichoke Music which I past every day on my way to work. And it was another store on Hawthorne that inspired the final color palette for the design and shirt, Powell's Books for Home and Garden:

And then there's the art on Molly's shirt

Which I didn't draw but merely colored. The source of the illustration is my new favorite Dover Book, Medieval Life Illustrations. I found this book while browsing Powell's Books on Burnside, killing time with Kip before meeting some folks for dinner. It was actually this illustration—

—that provoked me to buy the book as a source of random t-shirt art to use in Dicebox. And I will use the above illustration somewhere at some point, because how can I resist a portrayal of a medical cure that requires you to put toads on your face.