Jenn Manley Lee


I have many issues

At the best of times I have problems in choosing the right words* or what to say or how to say it. This goes double, heck, treble when it comes to talking about my own art. I might slam a bit of art that someone has just complimented me on or someone will give me a vote of confidence in being able to successfully pull off some bit of art and I get flattered and flustered and nervous and say something that is unintentionally dismissive of that vote and hence that person's opinion.

In short, sometimes I'm a jerk even if I don't mean to be, lord knows it's not my purpose.

I bring this up here because I just might rip to shreds some piece of art I did that someone here in this Friends' group might have taken the time to tell me they really like. And if you are in this group, it's because I value your opinion and judgement--part of the purpose of this group is to create a semi-private place to get honest feedback.

Anyway, just thought I'd acknowledge my love/hate relationship with my art and apologize in advance for any fallout of said relationship.

* I also use words inappropriately which can drive Kip nuts.