Jenn Manley Lee


What's this, then?

This is the Dicebox Process Journal that I've been half planning to set-up for a while now; I actually secured the username "dicebox" some months ago. Apparently today was the day to begin. This will be an all-purpose process dump for Dicebox: sketches, notes, links to inspiration and so on. Many entries will be for my eyes only--and many of those will be lists, reference and reminders--but a fair amount will be accessible to all. Some entries might be spoilers for some people, but not anything that I'd think of as critical.

I might not always connect all the dots or even spell check the odd rambling essay I post here. On the other hand I might go out of my way to write-up a thorough and concise explanation of some off-hand thought in order to articulate it better to myself, kind of like what I did in answer to Dylan's question about the symbolic use of the color red in the Dicebox on the forum.

There will be lots and lots of tags as one of the appeals of taking my process work to LJ is the instant cross-referencing I can do. I'm thrilled by the idea of being able pulling up all entries having to do with, say, Griffen, in an instant, instead of trolling through three sketch books full of notes and writing, not to mention random text files on my computer. Heck, I might transcribe some of those old notes here, come to think of it.

And I guess that's all I really have to say about it. Let the games begin!