Jenn Manley Lee

About Jenn Manley Lee


I have many years experience in not only drawing and cartooning but graphic design and producing both 2D and 3D projects. I have created, prepared, assisted and overseen projects from educational comics to an arts magazine to production specification guidelines.

Currently I work for Ziba Design as a Senior Production Designer, and have spent a good 15+ years in the graphics and design field. I've also served as art director for an arts magazine, and was a founding member of the Stumptown Comics Foundation.

I'm also the writer and artist of Dicebox, a long-form comic that I've been posting online for about a decade. I've created a print collection of the first book and have it for sale in my store.


In both my writing and art the influences and inspirations are varied and changable, but some reliable landmarks are Trina Schart Hyman, Tom Waits, Ivan Bilibin, Marina Warner, Pamela Coleman Smith, Fritz Eichenberg, Octavia Butler, Boris Artzybasheff, K.M. Briggs, and the artisans of the Edwardian era.

My skills in making art include pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


I started out in Clovis, New Mexico on June 14th, as a Gemini with Libra Rising, a Fire Horse, and the first daughter of a first daughter of a first daughter. I passed through Anderson, Indiana, then cut my teeth in Long Branch, New Jersey, matriculated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gave Amherst, Massachusetts a whirl, and finally landed in Portland, Oregon.

Unsurprisingly, I adore icons, symbols and alphabets, and textile patterns of all sorts and provenances. I'm also fascinated with symbology that comes in sets of four, yet I can never seem to remember where I fall on the Myers-Briggs scale.

The home I share with my spouse Kip Manley and daughter Taran is full of books, geeks, art, cats and music, all of which I manage to trip over now and again. I appreciate good coffee, good wine, good food, good stories and good company, none of which seems in short supply, thankfully. What regrets I have mostly involve not being able to draw fast enough, not doing enough yoga, not having enough time to whittle away at the twenty-odd books in my to-read stack, and only having visited Europe once.